Karla Drenner

The Three Referents Of Action That Have Moved And Move The Profession Are Articulated There, Political, Religious And Vocational

In some way, they constitute the nucleus of social and individual recognition of the professional being.

These three references also mark the approaches that the profession has privileged when facing the problem of poverty.

The political pole from the structural changes and social policies, the religious in the awareness of a common origin and destiny, and therefore, in a vision of community, of brotherhood, of mutual help. The vocational focus, centered more on the gift of self for others that springs from a single conviction that the professions must serve and not be served from their social positions.

Whatever the origin of the relation with the theme of poverty that professional articulation may have, all of them can today singularly share the historical phenomenon that was consolidated in the nineties, which in some way is expressed in the United Nations Social Summit of 1995, that men create poverty and that it is a humanly unacceptable situation, for which it must be eradicated from the planet.